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Toby Fate is a superhero

Toby FateEdit

Toby Fate is an 11 year old boy that had a big family. His father had the power to project positive energy (Coby Fate), his uncle has the power of super strength (Johnny Fate), his oldest cousin has the power to run super fast (Wally Fate), and his aunt has the power to fly (Jennifer Fate) as they were a team that became earth's mightiest heroes named the The Fates. His mother dies when he gave birth to him as left Toby to her brother (Toby's new uncle) and his superhero family died in a battle. As Toby was 9, he devoloped his family's powers all combined. Toby thought he was a freak that didn't fit in until his uncle told him that the superhero team was his family. As Toby attends middle school, he wears a red hoodie to hide himself from other people until he meets a brother and a sister named Micheal and Destiny who beecome his friends after Toby and Michael fight at a tournament as Toby thinks that he is very annoying. Toby's uncle gives him a new red jacket (with no hood) with the symbol his family use to wear. Toby Fate then becomes a famous superhero and protects the people of earth to make his family proud.


Toby wears blue jeans, a white T-shirt, white shoes, a red jacket with The Fates' symbol on it, brown hair, blue eyes, and brown eyebrows.


Toby is a good and nice boy who is pure of heart and loves his friends/family. He does not kill humans or innocent people. Toby likes the thrill of intense battle and likes to fight strong opponents. All animals love Toby and hardly attack him. Toby can also be very hungry at times (as he carries from his father).

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Toby posseses super strength and invulnerbility (from Johnny Fate), super speed (from Wally Fate), flight (from Jennifer Fate), positive energy projection (from Coby Fate), and he can sense anyones energy. Toby also has good martial arts fighting.