The Weekends is a team of superheroes named after the days in the week.



Sunday is the leader of the group. Her powers are cryokinesis, flight, and controlling snow, or even changing the weather to make it snow.


Monday is usually the grumpy one on the group. Much like Wolverine, Buttercup, and Vegeta. His powers include making any ninja weapon out of energy with his mind, learning a variety of martial arts, stealth, peak human durability, and superhuman speed.


Tuesday is the sweet, caring, and smart one in the group. Her powers include chlorokinesis, talking to animals, regeneration, and vast intelligence.


Wednesday is the tough one in the group. His powers are super strength, invulnerability, superhuman speed, high jumping, and hindsight vision.


Thursday is usually the silly and wild one, much like Michelangolo from TMNT. His powers include limitless stretching, shaping his body into anything he desires (like a cage or a catapult), and is sometimes invulnerable.


Friday is the stuntsman in the group. His powers include warp speed when he's riding his trusty skateboard or bike, making tornadoes, passing through solid objects, and superhuman reflexes.


Saturday is usually the loyal and righetous one in the group. He is also the first member to join the Weekends and one of the most powerful. His powers include channelling beams of energy through his hands with sufficient destructive force to destroy planets, releasing energy bursts from his body, erecting force fields, flight, amd superhuman strength.


  • All the members of the team have the ability to survive in space.