The smoke is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Gregory Manson was already at a young age noticed as a wonder child, with a great intellect. At every test in school, he was always the best. And he certainly enjoyed being best, he never paid attention to friends or family, all he wanted was to be best.

Things changed at the university, where Gregory met George Flygard (who later would become Gunblazer). George, who also was studying engineering, would soon start to beat Gregorys results at the tests. No matter how hard Gregory ever studied, George would always beat him.

When he no longer was the best student, Gregory quit his studies and insulated himself in a labratory. One day, when he was out smoking, a fog came. He noticed how helpless everyone was without any sight, and decided to use this as an inspiration.

He started to construct a machine that could create smoke, and thereby cover a large area in fog in a couple of seconds. Once done with the machine, he attached it to his belt and tested it, at the top of a tall building. To his surprise, it actually worked, but he realized that he himself had no sight either.

Later on, he built a couple of special googles, that while wearing them gave him full sight even in fog. He now had the power to cover the city in smoke, and was the only one able to still see. But he soon also realized that he had no one to challange with his new abilities. The decided to become a thief, since no one even would discover when he robbed them in fog. He soon became the citys biggest thief, calling himself "The smoke". And the police didn't even knew he existed.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The smoke doesn't really has any superpowers, but he do have some strong abilities. He can press a button on the machine attached to his belt to create smoke, and can cover a whole city with it. If he presses a special button, the smoke disapears again in a couple of seconds. He's also wearing a couple of googles that allows him to see even in fog.

The smoke also uses a small projector to create holograms, in order to fool his enemies. Also, he's carrying a gun and a couple of smoke bombs for emergencies.

Friends and occupationsEdit

The smoke doesn't has any friends, nor does he want any. He mostly just spend time in his labratory, or take nightly walks. He occasionally cover the city in smoke, and then walk around and rob people without them even noticing. This have earned him a slight fortune, but he doesn't care about the money, he just want to show that he's best.


The smoke is a truly egoistic and narcissistic villain. He doesn't commit crimes beacuse he need or want it, he just want to know that he's best, by stealing from people without them even noticing. All he has in his mind is to be best, and, as stated by him, if you aren't best at something, then there's no reason to continue.

According to The smoke, he would never go into a battle if he wasn't sure if he would win. He's obsessed with having advantage, and since he has the ability to remove sight from his opponents, then he pretty much have a huge advantage, which means he always will be sure that he will win.

Appearance and designEdit

The smoke, when not hiding in smoke, is dressed in a grey suit, with a light blue cape and black shoes and pants. He has brown, short hair, a black hat, and wears a couple of googles to give him sight in smoke. His belt includes a small machine with two buttons which he uses to create smoke, and also several pockets with trick weapons.

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