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Freedom HeroesEdit

  • Sonic the Dragon, a red dragon; analog of Sonic the Hedgehog. He seems to be resemble Shoutmon more, in looks. He wears a blue spaulders and a hankerchief with a stylized "S" shield on it.
  • Princess Kittia, a beautiful, white, female cat who is the princess of Planet Cornius and Sonic's love interest. She also wears a white gown, a pearl necklace, and gold crown. She is the damsel in distress.
  • Rotor Rhino, a chubby, charismatic, eccentric, self-centered, good-hearted rhinoceros who is the mechanic of Freedom Heroes. He is Sonic's best friend.
  • RALPH, a blue transforming police car robot that was originally created by Doctor Zordnik. He was found by Sonic and Rotor, who reconfigured him. He became Sonic's and Rotor's best friend.
  • Ducky Quabbot, a friendly cyborg with a Russian accent, Ducky was briefly captured, and had half of her body roboticized before she was saved. Now her left arm, both her feet, and right leg are mechanical.
  • Sir Charles Dragon, known as "Uncle Charlie," he is an elderly inventor, as well as Sonic's warmhearted uncle.
  • King Arthur Cat, the rightful King of Cornius and father of Princess Kittia.
  • Gus, a human boy who helps Sonic and his friends.


  • Dr. Julian von Zordnik, a madman who conquered Cornotropolis ten years prior. He is a brilliant yet dark-hearted warlord seeking nothing less than to encompass the whole world in his machinery and robotic minions. He may be inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog villain Dr. Julian Ivo Robotnik, but he seems to be resemble a human version of supervillain Gorilla Grodd more, in looks.
  • Gorillon, a Gorilla-type ape who was originally a human working as a lieutenant. He was mutated into a humanoid gorilla by Dr. Julian von Zordnik.
  • Knybon, a yellow, humanoid, Pteranodon/dragon hybrid that built parts of himself and has a strap around his chest with a mysterious blue crystal of some sort. He seems to be resemble Khybon more, in looks.
  • Nively,