Snotso and Vomit Man are the two evil villains of Doo Doo Man and PeePee Lad and is considered the most pathetic villains ever.



Testie McBoogerballs was a bald headed guy who was really really stupid and failed kindergarden 12 times. For no reason at all, Testie wanted to rule the town and wanted to kill Doo Doo Man. Then all of the sudden, the dumb little retard just started running around a lab and started pouring chemicals all over his nose even when the scientists told him to stop...but of course he wouldn't listen. Then the chemicals gave Testie the ability to turn his snot into snot missiles which he can shoot out his nose. Testie then donned an alagaitor costume and became the world's most retarded villain, Snotso (atleast he would smart enough to come up with a good name for himself)! He later met Vomit Man and they became a team of two terrible and disgusting villains.

Vomit ManEdit

Vomit Man was created in the same lab where Snotso gained his powers. One of the scientists came back from a party then vomited in a machine. Afterwards, the vomit came to life and became a slimy humanoid figure. Vomit Man kills half the scientists there, and has plans for world domination. He later met Snotso and they teamed up to take down Doo Doo Man and PeePee Lad.



Snotso is just a man with an alagaitor costume (what a retard -_-).

Vomit ManEdit

Vomit Man is just a humanoid pile of vomit (like Goop).



Snotso can shoot highly explosive snot missiles out his nose and use the sharp alagaitor claws from his costume to cut, scratch, and tear through almost anything.

Vomit ManEdit

Vomit Man can shoot vomit from his hands and mouth that can melt objects and can make it harden when he traps someone with it (almost like PeePee Lad). He can also shapeshift into anything (like turning his hands into hammers and stuff).


  • Alot of people call Snotso a total retard for failing kindergarden 12 times, and wearing an alagaitor costume for no reason.

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