Samuel Ald is a character made from Chrono's Brain.


  • Shadow Manipulation
  • Transforming self into a past version of self (e.g changing self from 16 to 4)


A buzzcut blonde teen who usually wears a white shirt/hoodie and jeans. you can find him playing video games, chewing gum, or screwing around with his powers. The type of city he lives in is one with tall buildings, dark alleys and criminals hiding from cops. He was born with his powers, yet they did not reach a strong level till he was 16 where he had been confronted by a criminal hiding in his dumpster. He hates the bad flaws in the world, yet he will never sink down to they level. The way he defeats his enemies is beating them senseless, then he absorbs the darkness and evil from them, and with that any evil he encounters will become good. even if he is forced to kill, he always finds a way to bring them back.

Irrelevant note to Sub: DIS IZ A KEWL WEEKEE.