Rainbow Man

The Rainbow Man is an ancient superhero who is the child of the Archangel Michael and the Goddess Aphrodite born on November 13, 2300 BC in Greece under the name Agapetos. Though never knowing either of his biological parents he was raised by loving human parents. One day he slipped into a Immortal Pool when he was thirty and became basically an ageless being. His main calling in life since then is to protect those who are in need which is why he formed the "The Protectors of Weaker Beings" (PWB). His motto has always been to protect those in need and he often recruits the superheros who are turned on by their parents and are kicked out at a young age. His sidekick is Red Crystal a young girl who was thrown out of her house when she was seventeen due to her powers. He is very good friends with Caprae Luna who became his best friend during the nineties. His powers are based on what the color of palms turn when he's in battle he has complete control of his powers. He does not require food, water, or sleep; but they surely do make him feel good time and time again. His arch rival is the evil demon named is Cycloniam an evil entity known for destroying entire star systems, when humans look upon him they don't see his horrible demon form they only see him as a beautiful angelic creature. Superheros however can all see his true form and aren't easily fooled by it. Cycloniam and Rainbow Man had their first conflict during the battle of Fa Fing Shui on a planet named Dantiam, one-hundred light years away from Earth; in the Earth year of 645 BC. Cycloniam was defeated and had his entire army destroyed; he went into hiding after that but has appeared many times throughout our own history whilst also destroying other worlds. Ever since him and Rainbow Man have been arch rivals. Rainbow Man does many things for many different planets though his main base is on Earth where his team and sidekick are.

Powers: (based off of color of hands)

Red (fire, lava, ether), Orange (control over animals, ship shafting), Yellow (Electricity), Green (Plants), Blue (Anything to do with water) Purple (Wind, Poison), and Pink (Healing)

Super Strength, Speed, and Stretching his body are also included. Though they are always there and aren't based on color.

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