Mr. Snowman is a supervillain and an enemy of Gunblazer.

Character originEdit

Joseph Wilmer was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. During his childhood, his parents noticed his lack of interest in everything, and he was diagnosed as depressed.

He had good grades and started to study chemistry at the university, but quit upon realizing how boring it was. He left the studies and a promising future, and joined a gang of bankrobbers, hoping for things to change. They didn't. His life was still boring and uninteresting.

One day, when the gang was robbing another bank, Joseph accidentally fired a bullet that killed a civillian. While staring into the eyes of a man, that soon was going to die, Joseph recognized the true terror the man felt, and it lit a sparkle within him.

Joseph developed a passion for terror, and finally felt that he had found that thing he had been missing in his life. He shoot severel civillians to death, with bankrobber as a cover. One day, his gang arrived to Declayton, and settled there temporarily.

In desperate need of money, Joseph applied for employment as a guinea pig in a labratory. One of the doctors, Wellesely Eisner, wanted to bring life to a dead body with different genetic structure than a human. His choice was seen as laughable and impossible by the other scientists: a snowman. Dr. Eisner had constructed all human organs in stainless steel, all except one: the brain, which was seen as too complicated. When Joseph discovered that the humanoid body was missing a brain, he soon understood what was going to happen. Dr. Eisner beat him unconscious and picked out his brain, and then connected it to the snowmans body before it died.

Joseph later woke up and discovered his new, snowman body. He was furious and brutally murdered Dr. Einser and burned down his labratory. Joseph was at first beside himself with grief, but soon realized that this gave him outstanding opportunities. With his new body, nobody could kill him, nobody could stop him. And Joseph could now kill how many persons he wanted. He started to call himself "Mr. Snowman, and began murdering people all over the city.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Mr. Snowman has the ability to melt together with all form of snow, and thereby transport himself from one place to another very quickly, as long as both places holds enoguh snow. He also owns a burning broom, which he often uses to kill people. He also has the ability to throw burning snowballs.

Friends and occupationsEdit

Mr. Snowman has no interest in befriending humans, since he want to kill every single human. However, he sometimes team up with villains such as Dollarman and Lucky, since they can prevent Gunblazer from stopping him from his killing spree.

He doesn't has any job or home, but often use the city park as his base.


Mr. Snowman is very sadistic and evil, with a big obession with terror. He loves to kill people, just for the plain reason to feel their terror. For him, the most lovely sound in the world is a little child, screaming for help.

He often place himself in residential areas, pretending to a normal, dead snowman. He then waits for little children to come up to him, so he can scare them and then brutally murder them. Mr. Snowmans biggest wish is to kill every single human on the planet, so he can feel everyones terror.

Appearance and designEdit

Mr. Snowman looks like a 2 meter tall snowman, with black, shabby tophat, a burning broom, and a terrifying face. His face has two, big dark eyes without pupillaries. His nose contains of two, small dark holes, and his mouth is a big, dark smile with four sharp teeh.

Page dedicated to my beloved Barbs.

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