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Kevin Cane aka Shroud is one of the newest heroes of New York City.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Superhuman Strength: Kevin can hyper-dense himself which gives him great super-strength. He has knocked out a man by throwing a water bottle.

Superhuman Durability: Kevin body is physically tougher and more resistant because of him hyper-denseing power. It is later proved that when hyper-densed he is bulletproof.

Air & Water Walking: Shroud can freely walk on both air and water. In fact, he could use his ability to walk on water and the air from the ground to the upper stories of a building as if he were climbing a staircase. When wearing his cloak villains and crocks that he he had the power of flight.

Minor Molecular Control: Kevin can instantaneously change into/alter his costume.

Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Kevin received extensive hand-to-hand combat training. This is because Lina made him take self-defense classes. Still, he is nowhere near the level of some of the villans he faces.


He is a nice person and a born leader and is best friends with Ally Dawson aka The Widow and best friend is Daniel Retro aka flare. He often speaks the truth fairly well, and even stumped Wildgirl on several occasions. Kevin is mostly cool headed and often corrects his teammates. Daniel mentioned that he'd rather fight The Midevil Three than get on Cane's bad side. He is just as intellectual, quick and mature. At first his powers and fame did go to his head, but after seeing how crime fighting was no joke he got himself straight. Though when as Shroud he acts like nothing gets to him, he is worried that because of his actions, someone close to him might get hurt.


He was born to Damian Cane and Lina Dayling In New York his father was once a farmer but decided to come to the city to get his doctor degree their he meet his mother they fell in love and a few year the were married then they had their son Kevin Cane. at his fifteenth birthday, his powers manifested their he wanted to do more with his life so he made a costume with a red and black clock. At first Kevin just liked the fame that came with being a hero. Later in the series he discovers how serious it is when he almost loses his girlfriend, Mina Maximo. Kevin has teamed up with the many teams and heroes like the N-men,Casey price,and ultimate N.

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