Duelist is a superhero, living in the city of Clover Rapids, located in Arizona, USA. The city is an anarchy, due to a terrorist action, so in a community without laws and order, a man named Clyde Siegel, who once was a part of creating the anarchy, decides to fight the enormous amount of crimes in the city, in his way to bring back the government. At the same time, he struggles with preventing new threats of dictatorship.

Character originEdit

Clyde Siegel was born in a poor street family, and his mother past away soon after his birth. He had to rely on his father during his childhood. His father however, was an anarchist, and wanted his son to earn maximum strength, speed, agility, durability, intellect and knowledge in martial arts and weaponry, so that he one day could be prepared if the world ever turned into an anarchy.

Clyde had to exercise within all these areas during his childhood, and at the age of 18, he was one of the most dangerous men in the city. One day, his father was murdered in a bar fight, since he had protested when the opponent cheated his way to victory. The man responisble for his death turned out to be Wilbur Clower, a corrupt and infamous business man.

Clyde swore to strike revenge against Clower, and began searching for him. He got involved in a criminal gang of anarchists, whose leader, Maxwell Johnson was planning to kill the government and every wealthy inhabit of the city, including Wilbur Clower. Clyde decided to join the gang in order to get his revenge.

The gang managed to break into a secret military base and steal several nuclear weapons, which they later used to take down the government, and slaughter every wealthy inhabit in the city. They then scrapped all nuclear weapons and officaly declared the city as an anarchy, completely without laws and order.

However, things turned out bad when several citizens took advantage of the lack of laws and became criminals. The city was ruled by chaos and several gangs were founded in order to try and take control of the city. Clyde, who had been a part of the anarchism, realized that he had done a huge misstake and decided to try and bring order to the city again.

He disguised himself to hide his identity, and started to call himself "Duelist". He soon gained reputation as an unbeatable opponent, and joined a gang whose members also wanted to bring back the government. Together they began hunting criminals and fighting chaos, hoping to bring back Clover Rapids to how it used to be.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Duelist doesn't has any superpowers, unlike most heroes, but he's trained in several martial arts and fighting methods. He also has maximum strength, speed, agility, durability, intelligence and knowledge in dectivity, science, jurispudence and weaponry.

He constantly carries two guns, and is a formidable shooter. The guns doesn't fire bullets though, but razor sharp, spades shaped items that easily can penetrate and kill a human. He also carries a couple of regular guns, some knives, some explosives and emergency items.

Friends and occupationsEdit

Duelist has no civillian friends, due to the anarchistic community he lives in, where everybody fight each other. He's the leader of a team knwon as "The governors", whose goal is to bring back the government. His closest gangmember is co-captain Terrence Vaugh, an african american with great knowledge in teamwork. Later on, a government agent known simply as Soldier 13, joins his gang.

Due to his way to fight crimes, Duelist has several enemies, and many people bash him for his work to bring back the government. There are also several other teams, whose goals is to rule the city, that fight against The governors.

Duelist has no family, other than two deceased parents, and a mentally ill uncle. He doesn't has any close friends, since everyone in an anarchy fights everybody. Although, he has an on and off relationship with his enemy Poolshark.

Villains and enemiesEdit

  • Count Golddigger- Corrupt businessman. Obsessed with gold and luxury.
  • Bellhop- Count Golddigger's loyal body guard and assassin.
  • Keymaster- Sociopathic serial killer, obsessed with keys and locks.
  • Moonlight- Anarchistic terrorist, posesses a suit which gives him energy related abilities.
  • Rascal- Gang leader with great knowledge within explosives.
  • Poolshark- A double playing Femme fatale with big taste for danger and gambling. Love interest of Clyde.
  • Jack'O'Lantern- Insane serial killer and pyromaniac, who dresses like a pumpkin-like demon.
  • The whistler- Mysterious serial killer with a hate for prostitutes.
  • Hyena- Animal-like cannibal who bears resemblense with hyenas.
  • Vocalia- Former singer, obessed with stealing others voices.
  • Nutcracker- Cold blooded sociopath and kidnapper, obsessed with order and plays.
  • Dollman- Psycopathic serial killer, obsessed with dolls and child-related items.
  • Formuletta- Speed obsessed master thief with jet shoes.
  • Dr. Sewer- Serial killer who lives in the sewers and kidnaps people for experiments.
  • Lazer- Infamous assassin with laser-related weapons.
  • Metal face- Skilled martrial artist with a face covering iron mask.
  • Bulldog- Murderous thug whose appearance bears resemblense to that of a bulldog.
  • The Gentle- Infamous gang leader whose goal is to rid humanity of differences in appearance.


Clyde is usually a very held back and calm person. He's silent most of the time and prefers to talk in a low pitched voice. As he've stated, he prefers to act rather than to talk, which he've proven on multiple occassions. Clyde also doesn't like to hurry unless it's absolutely necessary.

He's a very independant person and a big lone wolf, but has proven to be a good companion too. He's got a big interest in guns and motorcycles, like most of his companions, and is a heavy chain smoker and occassional drinker.

Clyde, like his father, has only a few rules, and doesn't follow any moral code. To him, the only thing that matters is honour and his reputation, which is the easiest way to respect in a city without rules. That have changed later on though, and Clyde has proven to be good at teamwork a collaboration, even if he only have managed to open up to a few persons.

As Duelist, Clyde acts more agressive and tactical. He prefers to fight crime by his own, unless he's facing several enemies. He usually kill his enemies, but has also shown mercy at different occassions.

Appearance and designEdit

Duelist wears a white coat, a white cowboy hat, a black domino mask, black jeans, black shoes and a shirt. Both his hat and his shirt features a sign, shaped as a spades, which is Duelists symbole. He also has brown hair, brown eyes and sideburns.

He carries several weapons in his coat and pockets, such as guns, knives and explosives. He's pretty tall and has a large muscle mass. When he doesn't fight crimes as Duelist, Clyde Siegel is dressed in a brown coat, and doesn't wear the shirt, and wears no mask or hat.