• Elijah=Waterfang2016

    Hi. Hopefully people could see this.

    Hey guys. ummm, my name's Elijah. Im from Warrior cat fanfiction wikia, somewhere in the internet :D

    I'm kinda new here, so, hopefully people could see me. Just wanna know how things are here, and what happens here. I'm also really friendly, so im friends to all!! I hopefully could meet you guys over here for the first time, so i could get some more friends!

    My favorite superhero is Iron man and Spooderman btw :D

    I play basketball and soccer, and im a starting freshman, IM SO NERVOUS OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!

    I love writing, so this is my 2nd wikia, yay......

    Leave some message in my chat, and hopefully i could respond. Again, im friends to all, so i would love to get to know you guys cause im really nervous of doing…

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  • EmpressKiwi

    My name is EmpressKiwi, and my goal on this sight is to get more people involved in it. It looks like a lot of people have signed up, but only a few continue to visit and add more articles, heroes, villains, fanfics, etc. I like the sight a lot, and want to let everyone know that I would love to help edit someone's pages (read over and check for spelling/grammar mistakes), give ideas for stories or character's, and draw and put up pictures for someone's characters (like I did for mine here: Leona Patterson). I also get a new badge for writing this post :) Lol! I hope anyone who needs or would like help responds to this blog or on my page, and I will respond as soon as I can! Thanks, EmpressKiwi

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  • Hero Forever

    Wikia Content

    May 11, 2013 by Hero Forever

    Hello, I recently came upon this site, and I'm pretty interested. However, before I get started, can I just ask one question: are the stories and content on this wiki predominantly dark, grimdark, or anything like that?

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  • Sir gentle

    I've just created the character Duelist and his enemies, but I'm far away done with them. Can anybody give me some advices or help with how they should be? Some interesting details? How they should look? Some details to their origins? etc.

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  • Diamondface

    Top 10!

    February 26, 2013 by Diamondface

    I have a Top 10 list for top 10 Vilains be sure to vote or run yourself

    Top 10: Villains

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  • Sir gentle

    I needed a badge

    February 26, 2013 by Sir gentle

    Hi, I made this blog to be able to write a comment on it. I wanted the badge that you get if you write a comment on three different blog posts. However...there are only two of them, so I made this.

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  • Sir gentle

    Out of ideas

    February 15, 2013 by Sir gentle

    Greetings, fellow companions, you see, I got a problem. I've ran out of ideas to further creations, and could really need some advices, it would be highly appreciated. If I recieve some ideas, I promise to include your name in my creation. However, if I won't recieve any, than this blog is a big waste of time.

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  • Ditto54

    Because Sub Said That He Is A Hero In Diffrent Missions

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